Things FIFA 11 had but FIFA 19 doesn't

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Somebody posted this on twitter, listing some excellent features that FIFA 11 had but are not in FIFA 19:

I was surprised that it wasn't posted here yet, so I'm doing it now. The feature I like the most is the pre match scouting report on your opponent. How is this not in FIFA 19? It could easily be done and should even be more in depth than it was in FIFA 11. How are we supposed to addapt to our opponent if we know nothing about them? I want to know what their best players are, who is injured or suspended, who is top scorer, what their five last results are and what the predicted line up is.


  • Fifa careeer mode has gotten worse and worse each years. They did it on purpose to push Ultimate Team and lootboxes
  • glynnerm
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    EA Sports or site monitors, if you want sales to improve regarding FIFA 20,(as they have been reported to be down 25%) please take note of these simple but effective measures which would make a large amount of FIFA gamers happy! Give people a reason to buy FIFA 20! Its all about realism, add these old features and a few more leagues, plus if you want a consultant on what you plan on implementing, Im always free for a chat to help out(free of charge!)
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    Simply get your heads out of the A S S that is FUT.
  • I agree... fifa is just pushing to play FUT and a lot a people still playing career mode... I honestly hate FUT I think is the worst game mode having players only in your squad for a few days and always getting low rate players unless you spend real money out of your wallet then we are stuck we a low team...
    I already pay for the game itself I'm not gonna spend more just because EA. Keeps pushing for online game
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    Totally. ... It's only bought because there are so few alternatives. Give pro evolution the same rights as FIFA and it was all about gameplay FIFA wouldn't stand a chance imo.
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