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I have a simple question:
I have a laptop equipped with a GTX 1050, 16 GB of Ram and an i7-7700HQ 2.8 ghz.
What settings do you think are optimal to run fifa19 (mostly ultimate team)?
Thank you!


  • Daddy
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    DX11 ultra
  • tlv
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    Thanks for the reply, I agree.
    But if I do that the game stutters so much it is literally unplayable.
    I assume i have a problem with my video card...
    But on lowest settings it usually does not have any problem.
    Cannot figure out if it's the game, the laptop, the software running on the laptop (just made a factory reset, tho...) or what.
  • Daddy
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    I have 8gb ram, i5 3570k and rx 560 which is lower tiered than gtx 1050 and i use the following settings, i get 90-100 fps.

  • DSD27
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    Limit to 60fps is the best frame rate option, smoother and less heat.
    If you have a 75Hz monitor, the 60fps option will limit to 75 fps, the 60fps option always mimits to your monitor's refresh rate.
    If you use no limit you will have big fps spikes and the gameplay won't be as smooth. For people with better hardware it's worse.
  • PiotrLolo
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    I have much worse PC than your laptop and my settings are:

    full screen
    MSAA 4x
    60 FPS
    DirectX 11

    I have 60 FPS without problems. Check your nvidia control panel. Maybe Fifa is trying to use integrated video card. Just force the game to use GTX.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    Are you running on a 1080 monitor? If so , you should be fine. But if youre trying to play in 2k or 4k, that might be the issue. Aside from that, are you running on a HHD or SSD? Might make a difference.

    Is the stuttering online only or both offline single player & multiplayer?
  • tlv
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    Thanks to everyone who answered.
    I already forced to use the GTX (I even disabled the integrated to test it), nothing works. The stuttering is both online and offline, I even have football manager 2019 that can only run on lower graphic settings... I have some problems that I cannot undestand, I contacted Asus to see what's wrong.
    Thank you again to everyone
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