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Hello, I've tried to find one topic with most common problems with our wonderfull game, but I didn't found any that would be not aggresive and not offending anyone so I am starting new one. If You will be adding in comments new points I will add them to first topic.

1) Updates - before the game start we got information from EA that there won't be so many patches and game changes. Every 2 weeks we got new patch that completly changes game. I understand that EA si trying to ballance game and that is good way, but changes are too often. As a member of community I can say that every time i learn how to play after patch, You give next one.

I remember those days when games were released when they were done.

Now about patches. Most of changes is right and good, but can't You make em in one bigger upgrade? Do You need to make changes in gameplay every 10 days?

Also is that right thing to change basic game mechanic after 5-6 months? And even after this change I see lots of goal scored after 180 degrees turn from outside the box... But lot of shots when You are perfectly directed and without any pressour from oponent are misses. What the hell?

2) New FIFA19 Feature - dynamic tactis - I am rly glad that You make that change - it's rly great feature. But implementation in game is just getting "creazy" in some matches. Example - I start game with 4-3-3, but after change I play 4-2-3-1. Why the HELL my CM is swapping himself with RM? When I pause game everything looks fine. But CM is at RM, RM is in center. So I try to swap them. And then my ST is at CM, CM is at RM, RM is at ST.
Maybe You can try to do something with it becouse in matches like that changeing possisions and tactics can't help. You can just try to play the way players are positioning and nothing will help.

3) Fauls - I still don't understand situations that are in this and in last fifa. I thought that FIFA 18 was worst when we are talking bout referee job - but now it's even worst. Lots of situation when shoud be foul, opponent is not touching the ball but is slamming down my players like in wrestling, but there is no faul, moment later he don't touch me even he is just running and I got faul. Also wicked situations, when referee gives offside, but player that was on offside is not running to the ball. Or most funny for me - sometimes when goalkeeper catch the ball neer edge of penalty box and I make sliding tackle, isntead of red card i got free kick. Game thinks that oponent touched ball with hand with goalie.

This bug works both sides but is annoying as hell. IMO This should be mainly topic that should be fixed in next patches. Referee work.

4) Servers - this is biggest issue in game - I dont understand why so big company, can't use autoscaling groups that will rise new servers when got high load? Every single weekend league we got some servers issues. Disconnects, servers down or delay coused of high load od servers. This is not so much expensive to be honest and well designed could architecture can be slightly more expensive than standard one. Sometimes it can be even cheaper.

5) Game rules - I still dont understand why the hell if oponent leaves the game few seconds after scorring 1:0 or 2:1 is leaving and he got no lose? Why this match is "not played" by me and I need to replay it. When I am leading by 1 goal and oponent quits the same situation. Every single FCH I got situation like this 4-5 times and I need to play more matches. If opponent quits when it's draw it should be win fo that players who stays in game.

6) Last but not least - SERVER ISSUES THAT ARE mistakenly blamed scripts (i wont write the name couse I will get banned) I thought that in this year momentum almost doesnt exist. Once in 10-20 matches. I was mistaken. I played only FCH and there momentum is more active. But things that are happening in Division Rivals are just creazy ... I understand economical reason for this, but to be honest I still think that game should be about skill + team. Players you had and way you can use them, not about game giving more chances.

But I can also asume that it's not momentum but it's servers delay couse it's related for me in some cases - so maybe if You will fix servers issues You will there will be no momentum :P

I invite everyone to discussion, esspecially @EA_Andy @EA_Lanna @EA_DarDar @EA_Cian @EA_Leeloo , but as alwasy I ask you for calm, precise and inteligent discussion, not annoying or trying to offfend anyone.

Also I would like to add same thing as year ago - give players chance to thank for good game or "rate" opponent. thumb up or down after match. It will give possibility to be nicer to other people. Now you can't do anything to thanks for game or say that someones behave was wrong. Like watching all the cinematics, using all 3 pauses without reason. In lots of games mechanizm like this works verry well. If You give people chance to earn even 50 coins more during match if they will behave well they will do it. Corporations like EA should well know about motivation power :)

Also I think that in this moment position change cards are bit wired. You can put ST at CM, but You can't change LB to LM or LS. You can even put CDM as ST but You cant change any position of defenders. It's bit wired, becouse it creates frankenstein squads but everyone are using same patters. Can't You give us bit of freedom.

And to be honest I completly can't understand why in some matches players like Payet with 60+ strenght can fight arm to arm and literraly SLAM DOWN Fabinho, Van Dijk, Ramos, Pogba or Milinkovic-Savic. What for we got any players statistics if in some matches they completly don't got any impact in way players behave in game?

Best Regards,
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