Done with the game, far too many issues since the patch.

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Very much like Fanatic now.

OP AI defending has ruined the game for me,

SBC's are more fun that the game.

Icons consistently missing one on ones but 83 rated strikers with 60 finishing scoring....


  • Jaysin
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    lmao i agree with you bud. I cannot score nor pass these AI Defenders. And they block EVERY shot. Not to mention these goons using 4231(2) and drop back.
  • Antiseen
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    inb4 Ai abusers tell you: “AdApT, ItS eAsY tO sCoRe, JuSt PaSs ArOuNd”

    Well I play higher divisions, and I meet some extraordinaire Ai abusers, that don’t get bored to not even touch their cb whole game, running around cdm spot with ibra.

    And skill moves doesn’t help, Ai Literally act like you shadow.

    Also not only autoblocks is a problem. The fact that any player, even hazard can literally kill your player from behind with 99 agression and 99 taclking is just unacceptable. And ref says it’s not foul, so as a result you concede a counter attack.

    Last weekend people were adapting, making some mistakes in exploiting Ai defending, but now looks like people became specialists at abusing Mourinho playstyle.

    All my ptb opponents do this:

    Play low depth with drop back, use ccam as cdm, wait until i get bored passing around against Ai, cuz it’s literally squadbattles. Then I do risky pass, cuz I already got bored, ai of course intercept it, and now the main part of “ptb skill gaming”. As soon as Ai intercepted ball for my opponent, he does incredible driven pass from his cb to his ST with 99 pace (Werner or smth like this). Then Werner does 1-2 pass with someone around, and then if It’s 45’ or 90’ or kick off, he gets some insane rebound and here we go, goal scored!

    Such an entertaining way to play this broken game, isn’t it, my little mourinho jr?

    P.S. do you guys remember movie “Goal”, when coach said to Santiago Munez: “santi, you cant run faster than ball.”
    Apparently in fifa your cdm can, that’s why these guys abuse headless chicken playstyle.
  • Robbert
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    Yup just made a test today. I was always manually defending. Today played 2 matches park the bus and just control my cam for the full games. Did not conceed a single goal ... (div5) It's a madness, you are punished for manual defending. Ok the oponent can easilly reach you penalty box but later he has no chancess againt perfect AI positioning/marking/tackles/blocks.
  • Verg
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    I agree on the inconsistent one on ones but not the op ai defending. It is an unpopular opinion but I dont think it is op at all. It’s not difficult if opponent fully relies on ai defending. At least it is relatively consistent for both sides.

    Whoever can create more ‘good’ chances should win.

    Skill gap is narrowed more because of randomness in 1v1s and randomness of manual defending. If anything, these two should be boosted.
  • Leessa
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    Can somebody please explain to me why this most recent patch has enabled this defensive football? I just dont understand it, but for those of us that play a slow deliberate build up with high posession, its utterly killed the game. I cannot tell you how many games ive drawn the last 2 days. Im not even losing much thats the worst thing 😂
  • Leessa
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    Oh and the whole defending with strikers/cams is so easy to fix its not even funny. If anybody even has any experience watching any football irl youll see exactly why this doesnt happen...because the second players attempt to tackle from behind like that they give fowls away, making these tackles in the modern game is nigh on impossible. Put it in the game and people will have to change when they get fed up of giving free kicks away every 2 secs, picking up bookings and reds for persistant fowling. For christ sake EA watch some football and implement a bit of realism 😂
  • RGib1990
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    Never used it, but bring back OP finesse - best counter.
  • Leessa
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    I didnt even concede that many finesse shots, i think i just play very different to most people which is why i was fine with everything before the patch. In fact i felt the game was pretty good on release tbh, it encouraged a slow build up and passing game. What we end up with after the moaning and whinging for those that wont adapt is the same games over and over
  • boekkie
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    Patch for the noobs
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