Wrong default squads?

Hey guys! I bought FIFA 19 recently and I have question concerning default squads when I start career mode. I always start career with default squads option because I want squads to be same as they were after closing of 2018 summer transfer window in real football. Because I am Liverpool fan, I know their squad pretty well and when I started career as their manager I still have for example Loris Karius (he should be on loan in Besiktas) or Marko Grujić (on loan in Hertha) in my team. It’s strange to me because players like Kepa who transferred on deadline day are in their respective clubs. Do you know the reason?
Thanks for any answer!


  • glynnerm
    46 posts Park Captain
    thats because default squads are the squads that were assembled at initial game production before the first update, hence some transfers were not completed at this stage
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