Created Player Potentials In Career Mode

What determines the potential of a created player in career mode? For example, I want to create a player from U23s on the game and then use that team for a new career mode, how can I tell how far I can develop that player that I created? Is this a set % per age group and position and the same for every created player unlike the players EA Sports has made which have different potential ranges?

I mainly want to know because the U23 players in Birmingham City look nothing like the players IRL. Since there's no appearance editing option I'd rather create them from scratch and give them the same stats / may be tweaked a bit according to their Football Manager attributes. But then would they all have the same potential growth range because some of the ones already on the game for BCFC do have a high potential like Odin Bailey. It's just a shame the player looks nothing like him in real life!


  • Think any created player has a random potential assigned, tried this already and it varies for each created player, no way of assigning it unfortunately
  • It's a shame we can't official confirmation on this or how it works. Do any EA staff ever comment?
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