The AI cheats a lot in career mode!!!!

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Seriously, the AI is way too overpowered in career mode on the higher difficulty. The gameplay is ____ all over the place; balls going thru legs, rebounds that are always going back to a designated player (often back to the attacker), mirroring defending of the AI, speed boost, perfect AI passing and timing when tackling, ghost blocking, reading the buttons you press etc. Yeah the list goes on...

I have accepted the online mode will never be fixed, but at least make it possible to play the game offline. In the current state, this game is ****!

When is EA going to make a proper gaming experience, without all this ______ mechanics?!?!?!?!


  • glynnerm
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    you can adjust th error rating of ball control, passing, shooting and other stuff in settings menu.

    I found ultimate level challenging as I play with everything fully manual. But if you introduce passing accuracy error to about 60 up from 50 percentage, and ball control error for you and the CPU to 55 from 50 the game is actually very realistic.
  • McKrill
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  • MaldinisHeir
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    I started a list once asking people to list their favourite AI cheats and, as usual, got ignored. I must look into this invisible ink I'm using. Anyway this was my list:

    a) physics - where the computer manipulates the ball physics to suit the preferred simulation e.g. rebounds that defy the laws of physics to assist the attacking team;

    b) biology - where the computer ignores physical/biological attributes of players to suit the preferred simulation e.g. slower players outrun faster players and taller players lose headers to smaller players;

    c) ref - where the ref is blatantly biased again based on the preferred simulation e.g. ref does not give blatant free kicks (both ways) - sometimes I cannot even foul the CPU if I want to;

    d) Jedi like powers - where the CPU can appear from anywhere to intercept the ball or where a small little man on the pitch suddenly becomes the size of a house when you try and pass around them;

    e) The take over - where all else fails the game just refuses to do what you ask it.

    Now a) to e) have been present in nearly every football I've ever played and actually I find the CPU better in FIFA19. However, there's a new cheat in FIFA19 which I've not seen.

    It's part of e) where the computer prevents my player from going to the ball from clearances. Has anyone noticed this?

    The ball will be cleared from a corner and you are prevented from switching to your DM even though he's standing under the ball. The reason they've done this is to give the CPU a chance to break or otherwise the human could just anticipate everything.

    In fact, all of these cheats are designed to make up for the fact that it must be almost impossible to program a competitive CPU when the human player is so unpredictable and has a broadcasting view of the entire pitch. However, what I find most annoying is not the cheat but the manner of the cheat.

    Take the situation where EA need to come up with a way to give the CPU a chance to break from a corner where the human has a DM and can anticipate any move. Well rather than freezing the DM so it's obvious that there's some underlying cheat why don't EA simply program the game so that the DM is out of position? It would result in the exact same outcome but it wouldn't be as obvious a cheat.

    And I do wonder if we are ever going to get to a truly great game when developers "go to" position is to use cheats rather than try and overcome challenges in cleverer or more nuanced ways.

    One solution might be to have "ghost games" like the "ghost laps" in racing games. We should be able to download someone else game and play against that. Save the developers having to program a CPU.
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    MaldinisHeir: You are spot on. However, I would say the problem with the cheating is not that the EA is boosting the CPUs skills, but instead the decrease of your own skills. Suddenly your players move sluggish and you can't make a simple pass, that's the problem. It's so cheesy!
  • McKrill
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    "Ghost laps", that's a really good idea! You should put it forward!
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