Will people now quit saying TOTW is soley based on results....

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It's also heavily influenced by individual performance.

CR7 won't make it they said...

A draw isn't good enough they said....

He needs more then 2 goals they said....


  • Thejuves
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    Lol .... cuz it is bro... have u ever watch a whole game...?

    Cr7 they just tryin to sell packs
  • BiigDee
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    It’s a promo, what better way to sell even more packs than CR7. It’s the be all and end all to them
  • Gav037
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    The problem is when you lose consistency in the parameters that you use every week to select the TOTW just for the sake of getting a high rated player in.

    He shouldn’t have gotten that IF but in the end, it is EA’s call
  • Eroberto
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    Lol, I love hearing everyone complain about him getting an inform this week. It’s hilarious. If he
    Were anyone else this would be his 4th or 5th inform of the season.
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