What is your skill gap ?

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I wanted to make a thread on what players in the community feel would be a skill gap in this game. Ea have said that the time finish would be a skill gap so just Want to see what other think.

Mine would be manual defending and semi/manual controls. Would be a major skill gap and learning of the game would cut out ptb pass counters.


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    1) build up
    2) manual defending
    3) finishing

    for FIFA 19
    Build up is ok. when the opponent not using the AI do defend.
    manual defending is bad and not rewarding
    finishing is not consistent.

    so the skill gap in this FIFA is really little
  • Timed finishing was a skill gap. It was to OP, But on the whole, those who could do it and could defend it liked it, people who couldn't do it and couldn't defend it didn't like it.

    Now there is no real skill gap. It's 95% luck.
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