Career Mode needs rebuilding

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Ignoring issues with gameplay the whole of Career Mode needs rebuilding from the ground up. Any one who has played Football Manager will tell you how beautifully complex, intelligent and living the football ecosystem is outside of a match. Career Mode needs to aspire towards a simpler version of this but still employing a lot of the same features.

- Managers having tactical preferences and adapting between matches and during matches to set up differently and play differently and adjust intelligently to change
- Managers moving clubs in a system driven by realistic managerial sackings and offers from clubs (not just half the clubs in a random league from one day to the other). You would then see tactical changes in the way clubs play related to this (compare Leicester with Ranieri to Leicester with Puel)
- A vastly improved transfer system, in part driven by managers tactical preferences but also just more complex and realistic
- A vastly improved and more realistic youth/reserve/U23 system
- Players having both match fitness and match sharpness. If someone comes back from injury maybe they should play with the reserves to regain match sharpness?

I could go on and I'm sure others can think of further points but what I'm getting at is this needs a genuine overhaul with a team that know what they are doing and there is potential there for a fanastic immersive and realistic experience. Fix the basic gameplay errors (they need lots more testers playing the CPU on all difficulties before releasing the game and patches) and it might even be FUN again.

None of that is out of the realm of possibility, football managers world has had similar features for years. Career Mode doesn't need to be as in depth but it should be aiming for something similar.


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