Why has the new patch turned the base game into FUT style?

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I would have thought EA the creators of this mess would have had some consistency and usually they keep the arcade rubbish to FUT which is fine by me because I don't like that crap, but now seemingly you have brought it to the entire game, if this is your pitch to please everyone it really is not the right path.

Career mode feels unplayable because I detest this change up it reflect nothing in what a real game of football would be played granted that its not going to be easy to replicate the real thing, but I can tell you one thing from the base style of gameplay before the 'patch' that was more accurate to life than this trash.

Furthermore who wanted this type of play to be brought forward to career mode? Where is the customer interaction, why is it you always making stupid decisions that you think we want... We've went from the player growth bug to the entire gamestyle being awful, thanks a lot EA.


  • MOES98
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    The reason is that ea wants career mode to be unplayable so the career mode players choose to play FUT instead. This is the reason why, simple as that.
  • glynnerm
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    I actually think if you really want to challenge yourself, use ultimate mode as difficulty level and use manual for settings for passing/shooting/crossing.lofted through balls, etc.

    The game play has not changed, I still get great enjoyment, dont think the game has changed much at all since the update, if anything it made it more realistic.
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