I Don’t Understand the Issue

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I don’t understand the frustration some people have about AI defending in its current state.

I think it’s about right, new players attracted to the franchise won’t get trashed 11-0 every game if they decide to use it and when you get to a higher level of competition you have the option of learning to defend manually to improve your game.

I’ve never really finessed (too much) this Fifa and to learn how the AI defending works I just played a week of SB on Legendary to learn, I now have no problem with the AI defending, it’s not to difficult to manipulate it.

At this stage of the game working out how the AI moves, adapts, reacts should be second nature, I’m not a great player but I don’t have a problem scoring, in fact in FIFA 18 I had major problems going forward.

If someone is using AI defending against me I am far happier and feel far more comfortable than if they were doing it manually, so my question is why is there so much uproar about it when it’s easier to play against than a human?

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