How do players feel about posssion base style

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So I am a posssion player I don't try spam 2 pass counters all ways work play and in this game is very hard to pull off. I just played some one there who was ptb drop back and using cm cdm never cbs. When he won ball back he tried two pass counter and cross. I went up 2 nill he quit and sent sum messages.

Now my play style is attack but keep possession well till final third my lb rb act as rw lw so I am prone to getting counter if I lose ball.

Just wonder how many of the communitylike this style and play it them self's and who dosent. I know it can be a pain when u are playing that style but for me it beats letting Ai do work and not the same ptb drop back counter style


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    I've always played passing/possession (because it's what I see as beautiful football) plus when I first rejoined fifa all I knew was pass/shoot, and I had a good natural passing/playmaking awareness.

    Since the patch passing is stupid. It was pretty horrendous before the patch too.

    But my goals mostly consist of lots of passes to work it into a 1/2 touch finish in the box.

    Majority of shots are all missing horribly despite probably being an 80%+ real life conversion.
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    Also getting weird passing. Weird lag since patch (dunno if it's because I went up, or because Anthem demo dropped).

    I pass to player in the box and the ball randomly bounces off them. You can tell it's an unnatural bounce too as you don't seem to get that especially with the ball control these players have. It just randomly bounces off them as they stand static.
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    Also I love when I see someone play really good possession ball tiki taka against me.
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