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Absolute disgrace of a company and game, why do my tactics work amazingly for only 3 games then stop working I can clearly see that there not working.


  • Leonsmith
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    I think it's deliberately done
  • Leonsmith
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    Same with players playing amazing for 10 games then play like crap
  • Kingkay
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    Same, one game every shots on target and players make amazing runs

    Another I run down the wing and mahrez wont move away from his LB even if I pass with X

    I can’t name why I think that otherwise I’ll be banned though
  • KuriosOranj
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    Happens every week mate. People say things like 'you're just playing better opponents', but it doesn't change that fact my players aren't doing what I'm telling them(via controller). 2 close losses followed by 2 games where my team FEELS great. I'm used to it now though - It's in the game!
  • Leonsmith
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    Been playing wl and stuff like passes being underhit in key areas when every other pass is fine in previous games and majority of game.
    I could have 5 normal games then all of a sudden one game weird **** happens. It's just rigged tbh absolute fact. I've played enough Fifa to know this and everyone and you guys can see it also. It makes me think why do I even play this game. EVERYONE LOOK UP DYNAMIC DIFFICULTY. I shouldn't get a warning here I'm not mentioning anything which isn't allowed. Dynamic difficulty is all over the internet.
    Another thing I've noticed is when jockeying it can be great in a few games in a row then it becomes really really sensitive the next like I've forgotten how to defend. It's like they completely nerf it so I give up jockeying an let AI defend for me but that's not enjoyable but then this whole games a complete joke at times anyway.
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