It is possible that a version of one card does not have the same traits as per the NIF version ?

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or futbin is wrong ?
NIF Handanovic
TOTGS Handanovic


  • GS13
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    Wouldnt surprise me tbh
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Happened last year with prime icons.
  • TalentFG
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    Does it even matter?

    When they can take away the effectiveness of a trait at any given moment
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    Felipe Anderson 87 and OTW (exact same card) have different traits according to futbin
  • maXmood
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    was missing information last year, didn't affect the play style of a player.. i believe it's the same this time around.

    also, futbin seems to miss some info here and there..
  • RebelRob
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    I’m sure there’s some issues with displaying said traits and whatever, albeit they were actually there and just a visual glitch stopped them from being displayed.

    However, I’m certain some cards are genuinely broken, I tried nif Fabinho for the first time and he was amazing, bought the ucl to flip and used him and it was like he was a shadow of his gold card, sold and rebought the gold and he was a rock again.

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