Virgin Media superhub 3

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Currently I have the superhub 2. Virgin have sent the latest hub 3. I’ve read a few stories about how it can affect gamers online. Anyone have 1 of these or have swapped from 2 to 3?


  • MHoney1234
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    Don’t swap! Lag suicide
  • DicaniosGod
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    Nothing wrong with it !!
  • Flamstead
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    Don't do it Macca. Its awful. I am trying to get them to reactivate my SH2 and take back the SH3. SH3 even in modem mode with a mid range Asus Router with QoS configured can't save the SH3.

    I think Virgin are just bad for gaming full stop.
  • mdizzl3
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    I've had both, when I got a hub 3 I switched back to the 2ac. It is more stable even in modem mode.

    I've since moved back into a virgin area and been started on a 3. I can't get a 2ac now apparently so I'm stuck with the 3.

    Put it in modem mode if you do have to use it and use QoS on a decent router. It will help a bit but won't be as good, the 3 is fundamentally flawed and is held back by the puma chip within
  • Macca77
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    i installed it on Tuesday, its been fine tbh. My ps4 is hard wired to it so its constantly getting my 100mbs speeds, plus its improved my wifi signal around the house.
  • Boysie91
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    Tbh I had nothing but problems with hub 2 and don't get many problems with hub 3
  • I am with Virginia sh3 and the signal is terrible even when gameing looking for recommendations for a gaming router thats under 100 pound and comes with good featuresn
  • Ermski
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    Dont swap, the wireless range of the 3 is terrible, i wish i would have stuck with 2
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