Seandimes' 442(2) guide


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    Looking forward to another weekend league? It’s the third last for the year :)

    I'll be playing. I'm finding WL more relaxed now as I've stopped trying and just playing for fun.

    Yeah bro. Good luck. I’m using my team 2 for this one. 🥶

    You too.
  • limjitwe
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    Had a torrid start. Was 1-3 and was thinking of changing to my main team.

    Thankfully I managed to reverse my form and I’m at 8-3 now.

    The 3 stars are for player of the weekend is between Lewandowski Sancho and Hazard. Benzema has been abit of a disappointment.

    Alaba has also chipped in with a few goals as well.

    Benzema 4g 2a
    Lewandowski 7g 8a
    Sancho 7g 1a
    Hazard 4g 6a

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    How would your 442 starter team for fifa 20 look like?
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