88 best, 87 ADP or 89 Nedved at CAM?

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Who would you go for?


  • Finesse_4days
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    Nedved, becuase he has the strength, passing and clinical finishing and he can chip in with the odd header. He is a very good all rounder.
  • BiigDee
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    Nedved was brilliant for me at CAM, only sold as I changed formation and can’t figure how to get him back in
  • TalentFG
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    Only used the Primes but Nedved is the best and it’s not even close
  • Shane
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    Damn, Nedved hype seems real :o was expecting most people to say Best or ADP based on past FIFAs

    Might have to give him a go! That 5* WF + decent strength and aggression does look good
  • Zero_velocity
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    Have both prime nedved and best in my teen and swap them around cam/st. There really isn’t much difference but prefer best at cam due to work rates so would guess it’s the same for lower rated versions.
  • Keano
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    Nedved seems the more meta option imo, Adp is.... well the goat of last year (so i'm sure is amazing) & Best gets great reviews but is for the more technical dribblers & know hows of using a small but quick player with flair.
  • ccooaattssyy
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    NEDBAE is quality
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