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Icon Prime Owen

755 posts Semi-Pro
Tempted to do this icon sbc i have a few untradeable informs to burn on it so will cost about 500k with 240k worth of packs. Is owen a decent card in your opinion,?


  • Mic2904
    2152 posts Fans' Favourite
    Do his loan first and see if you get on with him.
    I would hold out for another one, but ultimately its down to you 👍
  • Discard_IF
    151 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Played against him a few times recently and was very average against my VVD. Good movement but just a poor mans Butra
  • Ermski
    755 posts Semi-Pro
    I wont bother then. Ill stick with my IF son for the time being
  • Asht1981
    1050 posts Professional
    He's really good for me 40 in 38 in wl n rivals he can finish so well with both feet n feels good on the ball, his first time shots are ace
  • Ermski
    755 posts Semi-Pro
    I was only thinking of doing him because if i sold son id have just enough to do him. No biggie son is bossing anyway
  • Diggy
    14189 posts Has That Special Something
    If you would like a striker of that type try 90 Butragueño
  • Ermski
    755 posts Semi-Pro
    Diggy wrote: »
    If you would like a striker of that type try 90 Butragueño

    I could only afford the baby 😭
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