Small goalkeepers

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Has anyone had any look with any ?


  • Krisp77
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    I’ve lucked at a few of them but had no look
  • TimRUFC
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    Thinking of replacing Fahrmann 86 with the new Sommer until I noticed he was only 6ft. May still try him but not seen any reviews
  • Davisto
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    I got sommer 40k for an 88 rated gk not to bad for an sbc if he is terrible :joy: I’ll give him a few games to try him out, as soon as i get Demirbay first though :sunglasses:
  • Phyan
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    With the finesse nerf you'd think that they would be at least a bit more use able. I know at the very beginning Mandanda was great because everyone wasn't banging out timed finesse every shot. not much help for now i know but saying all that the only keeper I've used that i feel was worth anything was Handanovic.
  • Andy99TradeZ
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    Small keepers always seemed to be great for close range saves but got bullied by finesses.

    Should have changed now though
  • Davisto
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    Think i used Sommer on Fifa 17? Was great 18 was definitely Fahrmann then Hradecky
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