To many cheaters in FIFA

I played on xbox 360 / one first time and alot of idiots using FULL SWITCH LAG CONNECTION , 7 /10 players are cheaters
Then i stop to play a period. I come back again to play FIFA on PC , at Division 3 , the same problem cheaters with switch lag connection. I promoted to Division 1 and there 10/10 players using switch lag connection. WTF is this EA ? why you leave idiots with cheat to play ??? i pay real money !!!

I stop to play on pc and i bought PS4 , in PS4 are cheaters with lag from DIVISION 10 , how is in DIVISION 1 ?

Same on battlefield V and one , some players score 200-3, 150-5 , people with auto aim, i saw that on youtube.

EA please BAN people with cheat, i waste my time from life to report people. Create in game a section to report people from game. And find pro admins to BAN all cheaters ! , i know when a player using switch lag connection and i'm not admin.

Good luck with " ONLY MARKETING " not with " GAMEPLAY "


  • i'm sory with my bad english, i learn only from games
  • and remove automatic defend, u kill the game , in match are robots, not players, tell to DEVELOPERS to open the EYES O_o ,

    FIFA is bad with auto defend and i play some PES, PES IS VERY **** , EVER !!!
  • Cmon EA do something on FIFA 20 , remove automatic defend , alot of people using focus defend , and game is assited, i'm a player DIVISION 1 , and i know what is bad in game right now. FIX IT !
  • James Libby
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    Yell louder.
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