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Is there not only gold rare teams anymore?

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Well, I started playing FUT 19 only in my vacations about lasts 2 weeks and I only have about 200k. Something impressed me this FIFA, I almost never play against a normal gold rare team. Every match is against a full rainbow team with many many 150k + players. It seems I'm the only poor players on this FIFA. What happened? Because of course in the others FIFA there was a lot of teams like these, but not always. In FIFA 18 for example I could play about 5 in 10 matches against normal gold rare teams and now I think is about 1 in 10.


  • Boysie91
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    Very easy to get coins this year
  • LucasAMC
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    Boysie91 wrote: »
    Very easy to get coins this year

    Wow, I didn't expect this from EA.
  • Jonboyparker
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    Still have 3 NIF’s in my team... Pogba, Fabinho and Sandro. I could upgrade them but a +1 or +2 doesn’t readily interest me unless I pack them. The rest of my team is untradable specials apart from RTTF VVD

    People are earning so many more coins this fifa and packing Untradables all the time. They have those teams due to it being 4 months old. Also with all the new promo cards (every week nearly), it’s driving some prices down.
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  • TheFreshOne3
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    I’m assuming the fact others have been playing months and you have played for 2 weeks has something to do with it
  • Moose Factory
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    It’s February.
  • JordVorenholt
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    my 2nd team is all gold

    got two in-forms, a CL and a flashback in my first team. not excessive

    a FS, one in-form and two scream cards in my third team
  • neo_wolf82
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    My main team is all rare gold.
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