Why is fifa always disconnecting me at half time

I'm having a problem where I play fut champs now at the weekend finally after some time getting points to get in it, and now after every half time I get disconnected saying that " I Alt tabbed during the game" which is nonsense, I'm having fifa on my right monitor and nothing on my left, literally nothing... What's the point in playing fifa now? Can someone help me ?


  • ShadowofEnigma
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    You can't ALT+Tab out mid game. If you have two monitors, disable one. If you have backround programs like a messenger, or something that pops up mid-game, stop it.

    I had the same problem when I first starting playing FUT. I had my ipod connected. It had a loose/bad cord, and it would randomly disconnect and reconnect without being moved. Whenever it did this, itunes would start up (which I tried to disable but it still did anyways), and would minimize my game, so I just stopped plugging it in all together, lol.

    Anywho, if you don't have dual monitors, something in the back ground must be trying to interact while you're in game. I would just exit out of any programs you don't need while playing, and unplug anything (like phone or ipod/ipad) you don't need while playing. Are you using a hardwired controller or blue-tooth? If blue-tooth, I would give hard wired a shot.
  • I don't have anything connected neither a program running in the background, it just alt+tabs I mean gets in windowed mode for a second and gets back to fullscreen and it disconnects me DNF... I can't just lose games like this, what can I do ?
  • I don't get any notifications from nowhere and also when I play I like to close everything on my PC, so what's causing the problem ? I can't play like this...
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    I don't know.
    My problem was other programs running and trying to bring up a window while I played.
    Not sure what would cause the game to minimize out of no where.
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