FIFA 19 PC Controller settings bug

I play FIFA 19 on pc and after 4 months of playing when I went to play a match i realized that I couldn't move.I went to settings and every setting was changed and I used Y to restore to default but the controller settings all are set to Y,every single thing and I can't reset it to default.Can anyone help me?Ty.


  • ShadowofEnigma
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    Do you have the latest drivers installed?
    Are you using a hard wired controller?
    What windows, what controller?
  • Hi,
    Same here. Out of nowere that happend. I have x360 and xbox1 wireless controllers. So i reinstalled all bluetooth drivers and controller settings.... Nothing changed, all buttons set to Y. In other games the controller was fine. In kick off games was fine but in fut only Y's. So now if i want to play fut then i switch controllers ingame few times by turning on and off the controllers and in some odd reason one of them starts to work. Oh and sometimes it just crash back to the y's again in middle of game so i have to hassle the on/off again hoping to get one of the controllers work again.
    So i dont have an answer but with that method i can get some gametime to just get smashd by everybody in wl cuz seems that my team suddenly died with the controller. And it's getting worse ans worse with every game but yeah thats all another subject.

    Pardon my english, i'm not native speaker.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    If you have Windows 7 , you will need to use a wire to connect the controller to the computer.
    You can buy them at Walmart for about 5-10$.

    Windows 7 does not support Bluetooth / wireless controllers.

    If you have Windows 10, I would say try using the wire to connect the controller anyways. Maybe it will help some of the issues you're having with the buttons.

    (Many cellphones use the same USB cord to charge as the xbox one controller uses. If you have a cell phone that has a charger that you can disconnect the cord from, see if it fits the controller to save yourself the 5-10$ of buying a new cord).
  • I got a fix. This worked for me. Start your game and delete your current profile and make a new one. Then the settings will be saved
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