FUT scream cards / lunar new year

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Am I missing something? I thought their stats boost was meant to change at different times of the year?

Chinese lunar new year would seem like a good time for that to happen.


  • Leebrah
    259 posts Sunday League Hero
    I don't think EA even know what's going on with them tbh, it's been the same ones for as long as I can remember
  • Hippyboy6
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    Unlikely to change again now, it's been months. EA have already made their money selling packs with this one, made the one change to keep it just within what they said would happen & abandoned them. It is bad duping people into spending real money on that promo but I'm sure they're covered in their completely one sided TOS.
  • MushyP15
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    Was looking forward to trying a 95 pace Shaqiri.
  • Waldog94
    1621 posts Play-Off Hero
    I genuinely think ea forgot to put the coding in to be able to change them
  • EekAlaska
    1669 posts Play-Off Hero
    Blow up their twitter with these questions. We want answers!
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