TOTY Marcelo worth it as CM?

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So I hadn't realized that Marcelo is in my budget until just now. I would start him at LB on 10 chem and swap in game with Futmas Matuidi to play LCM in a 422. Is he worth it? I was going to buy a striker to replace FB Tevez but I reckon Marcelo as a cm replacing Matuidi is a much better upgrade.

Yay or nay??

@Keano @ORANGEeffect05 @Blarix I know you have used him.

No idea who else has used him at CM or even just LB


  • Crop_Dust3r
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    I've heard some good things about him so have picked him up myself to try out this weekend league.

    6 Games down and he feels really solid. I'm shifting him around position wise a little bit though cause I think he could play just about anywhere.

    So far tried at CF/CM/CDM and it's felt pretty good.

    I start like this....


    And change to this at the start of the game


    Having been playing around with swapping Arthur and Marcelo. Gonna swap him and Best for a few games to see how that pans out.

    Overall so far feels like a very versatile player
  • jpsblue
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    i move him to CM at half time for me (bring on SBC Tierney for Pogba to do it), and Marcelo is amazing. he does it all. quick enough to get back, great at going forward, whips in crosses and passes when playing LCM, and scores his fair share too. love, love, love TOTY Marcelo, just like i did in fifa 18

    i want to just move him to CM at the start of the game but dont wanna be one of those ❤️❤️❤️❤️ who pause the game at the start to bring on someone
  • TTAZ
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    He’s probably the second best cm behind gullet in the game in everything besides shooting

    I start him at lb and a Lb at 7 chem at LW and swap
  • Scutch
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    Yup. Incredible.

    Starts off like this:


    Switches in-game to this:

  • krakos000
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    Thanks guys!!! Think I'm gonna go for him then
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