FIFA 20 Career Must Haves And New Storyline

Though Fifa football games are getting better every year, I feel all the improvements are to the Ultimate team and storylines.

First of all I think that there should indeed be more storyline modes, one where you can have a partner and settle down, buy houses and cars and get into the real personal life of a footballer, Also have available opitions, as if it's your life not cutscenes. It needs that next stage of a footballers life but new characters for freshness.

Now as for career mode... A very much neglected part of Fifa in my opinion, I know this is off script a little but think about what LMA manager gave us, and other football manager games, which allow you to speak in press conferences, and cutscenes of big bulletings about new signings, and about responses you give. Also the way you could speak in post match press conferences, selecting mulitple sentences to give the media a full review. Then the press writes in papers about you which effect fan reputation.

For example = Media - So Mr Acrocarno, third game in charge of Manchester United, a loss, a draw and a win, how do you think your teams performance reflexed the result?

Multiple replies = 1. I think it was a tough game, i'm very proud of my players - neutral
2. I think we could of tried harder we missed too many opportunities - negative
3. I couldn't be happier we deserved it, Fulham just didn't get new our goal - positive

All this needs to be in manager mode, so the connection is stronger, currently it's just boring and the mega signings or little signings just feel distant and lifeless. Be awesome to see the players turning up to the stadium pre transfer and then holding the shirt up after wards. just little cutscenes that would improve the whole storymode experience.


  • Fab
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    sure ur right but why u playing career mode when ur clearly aware of superior alternatives
  • Fifa my favourite football game but I would just like to see other additions adding to it, to add to the realism, I was using Manager games as an example as its the closest resemblance, to the additions I'm suggesting.
  • Tornado31619
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    First of all I think that there should indeed be more storyline modes

  • Tornado31619
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    Fab wrote: »
    sure ur right but why u playing career mode when ur clearly aware of superior alternatives

    Why shouldn’t their features be in FIFA?
  • Fab
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    Fab wrote: »
    sure ur right but why u playing career mode when ur clearly aware of superior alternatives

    Why shouldn’t their features be in FIFA?

    Fab wrote: »
    sure ur right
  • Pieman25
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    Moving this to the correct section
  • MJD85
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    The Journey with your own player or manager.
    Put GameFace back in the game.
    More story lines and it’s the best game ever!
  • Keitha313
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    Also, remove the Alex Hunter story nobody cares about it you're wasting resources on something that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • As a Fifa user who has been playing Fifa for past 22 years (Since Fifa 98) and Career mode since its inception, I feel pretty sad to see our beloved Career Mode being ignored for so long when other less interesting (although more revenue generating), one’s with less potential to interest gamers have flourished quickly.

    It is to request you from whole Career Mode gamer community to kindly revive this mode before its too late. People have been pouring in their suggestions for a long time now, across various forums and mediums. I have tried to consolidate them and put in my thoughts and here are my 2 cents:

    New Game Modes
    • Introduce Online Career Mode (Sure to revolutionise Fifa franchise)
    • Owner mode to provide more focus on administration than games

    Creation Centre
    • Ability to add new clubs, leagues and cup competitions
    • Ability to add lower divisions
    • Stadium Creator for generic stadiums
    • Edit Player Mode- Change everything about a player including appearance, physical stats, attributes, traits and position
    • Editable manager
    • Introduce Fantasy League in game

    • Introduce more realistic transfers
    • There should not always be same scripted transfers
    • Offer more than one player during transfer negotiations
    • Receive offers for ‘Loan to buy’
    • Avoid forced transfers where players leave club without reason (E.g. Homesick- But player doesn’t go to home country after transfer)
    • Make players searchable through their overall rating

    Player Level Changes
    • Player potential needs to be dynamic
    • Enable Position Training
    • All attributes should be trainable
    • Ability to strengthen week foot and skills
    • Introduce Players’ personal life

    Scouting Changes
    • More youth scouts

    • Reintroduce Visual Sim through which we can make tactical, player changes on the fly
    • Intercept game during game Sim
    • Introduce Youth Squads through addition of an U18/U21/U23 teams
    • Reintroduce fan, board, player confidence
    • Spend coins earned on Strategic XP, training boost, etc.
    • Reintroduce Internal memos where scenarios and decisions that affect confidence of board, fans, players, team chemistry
    • Introduce backroom staff so that they have impact on game, stadium, fitness, health, coaching, PR management, etc.
    • Reintroduce sponsors
    • Introduce new players in stadium
    • Farewell in last game
    • Option not to manage international team at the start of game
    • Scenario career mode in which one can start in between season
    • Manager to have family and other scenarios. Ability to prosper and suffer at personal level

    Visual Changes
    • On-screen Ticker in game menu displaying live information of player, match, league, etc.
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