How I deal with ptb

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Now to start of this not everyone cup of tea and it has to be mastered and also lose the ball very comfortable at manual defending a counter. Now this could work with any formation but atm only tried with the 41212 (2) this is a very very attacking formation this is my first tactic may not be the best layout but so far it's been working for me

Defence good solid defence toty if u have them will come in real handy. Rb lbs must be amazing as there the ones running up and down. Rest of team your choice.

Custom tactics

Pressure after possession lost

Depth again your choice I tend to go with 4-5

Witdth your choice I tend to go with 5-6 as u need u r cbs high.

Fast build up
Wide width to spread players out but can be what u like.
Players in box maX the rest up to you really.

Now for the instructions

Both strikers get behind

All midfield bar cdm get forward and free roam.

Lb rb balanced they will attack.

This is a very attacking formation but if done right vs park the bus but if done right they will have there 8-9 players back and u will match that with u r own 7 players at his. And it forces your opponents to switch players as u have that many there to pass to. Only downfall is the counter and how well u are at reading plays and manual defending is a must.


  • Joaopauloted
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    PTB is easy to deal with. Just pass between ur CAMs and ST in front of box, then Timed finesse shot when a space opens. Oh, wait...
  • Jamiebanksrfc1986
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    Yes but for this setup is destroying it and most game tbh maybe it's way I play I don't know but all my oppents see is 7 players at there 18 yard box ready to pounce. I thought I try and share my attacking formation than the tipical copied from YouTube
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