EA. A hint for September 2019.

79 posts Park Captain
How about you actually create a game... you know... that's actually fit to play when it's released? Like other good game companies.

Not going into detail with what's wrong with the actual META because there is so much wrong with it

Ever since frostbite has been introduced in 2016 on fifa 17 this game has just not been enjoyable plain and simple, even when i win or receive my weekly 'rewards' (if you want to call a 78 rated never heard of french dude player pick a reward)

I've spent £135 on fifa 17,18 and 19 hard copies for pretty much the same thing each time. Career mode is the same, pro clubs the same (actual ruined since 2016), The Journey is a joke just like your company.

I spent £40 on gta in 2013 (could stick that game in the tray now and it'd still be relevant.
Rd2 £50 and you get a proper game. Like a PROPER game. They are still developing online beta and no doubt they will deliver, i have faith in r*

Fortnite i paid nothing for and keep extracting fun. Victory royals are fun i actual punch the air like i scored.

Just want to suggest you actually deliver us a GAME this September and not just a tone of promos, greed and shiny cards.
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