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Do you have a player in your team that irritates you?

7502 posts League Winner
I have. Roy Keane.

He is good in a way, and bad in a way. Turns like a truck at times and uses 10
minutes controlling the ball and making a pass. He is definitely going into an Icon SBC when the proper ones arrive in June.

Anyone else having an irritating/bad player in their team they want to get rid off?


  • Cheetah Thumbs
    4408 posts National Call-Up
    Reading the title or whatever b4 i opened I swear to god i said Roy Keane. Then opened it and you had him as well. That's funny right there.
  • Cheetah Thumbs
    4408 posts National Call-Up
    And I hope it doesn't take until June to get Henry.
  • maXmood
    2013 posts Fans' Favourite
    IF Lala ... very bad passer at most times. i lost games because of him!
  • GL
    9757 posts League Winner
    Untradeable IF Mbappe. Cannot pass and is dreadful on the ball
  • PelzyWelzy
    10185 posts Has That Special Something
    Griez gets to me sometimes... rocket of a left foot, but there are those games where it feels almost impossible to shift it on to his left before you’re mauled up the rear by 8 hungry hounds.

    Pogba also has his moments - in good gameplay he’s fantastic but seems to have runs of games where he frustrates the hell out of me. Bit like in real life, he’s either unplayable or utterly hopeless. Seems no middle ground.
  • JuliantbX
    2778 posts Fans' Favourite
    Prime campbell. He started off awful and is becoming better lately. But when he gets pushed off the ball by someone like Griez or Messi...
  • Pauldejong6
    7338 posts Big Money Move
    I hate the one with gloves on.
  • WFCBagnall
    75575 posts Moderator
    I did a few weeks back when I had to use nif cards because I had no coins to upgrade my team :joy:
  • makkan00
    525 posts An Exciting Prospect
    firmino. Its only that his first touch to the ball is rubbish when he is receiving long passes.
    Pogba has been very reliable for me.
    IF Mbabpe, stick deadeye chemistry on him and it will improve his passing and shooting to best abilities (if you have him on 10 chemistry)
  • Blarix
    20845 posts Club Captain
    Dani Alves he sometimes forgets he is a RB.
  • hrv97
    3550 posts National Call-Up
  • Diggy
    14188 posts Has That Special Something
    Prime George Best he’s just not as good as prime Figo

    I did the wrong SBC :(
  • maymanpele
    14423 posts Has That Special Something
  • Currieman
    4997 posts Big Money Move
    Rui Costa because he scores absolute worldies but then misses sitters.
    Keane because (as has been said above) even though his tackling is incredible his passing is woeful and he's not great on the ball.

    Both of them are just fodder though so they do a job until we get some decent icons.

    However there are things I don't like about lots of my team besides Neymar and FB Ibra. Don't think I'll be completely satisfied until May/June when I've got an incredible team :lol:
  • Andy99TradeZ
    15198 posts World Class

    Scores Worldies on his left but right us awful
  • Vacant
    426 posts Sunday League Hero
    I’ve said it repeatedly, but George Bests PS2 era head and hair combo genuinely annoys me.

    He’s a wonderful player though.
  • Campino
    28413 posts Player of the Year

    Scores Worldies on his left but right us awful

  • DWR
    383 posts Sunday League Hero

    Just can't get used to him.
  • LordJameslondon
    158 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Prime George Best, just can't keep up with the pace/passing of my other team members.
  • Hoopsterz
    2081 posts Fans' Favourite
    Rui Costa
    Did the SBC cos i loved his card in every fifa so far and for that strong Ronaldo link to help with team building. Just isn't the player he was on past fifa's. Not very strong and doesn't really do much to help with play.

    Been looking at Figo sbc to dump him into but just can't bring myself to do it!
  • Ulook92
    14701 posts Has That Special Something
    The reason i like Keane is because he is good on the ball and passing. I think there are better defenders.
  • Pugzilla
    17326 posts World Class
    My Red 88 Sandro. I honestly can’t believe people actually pay for him. He never ever makes a clean play. He always messes up the situation.
  • FootyFootyFootball
    2706 posts Fans' Favourite
    88 Ferdinand.

    He seems to always do the annoying thing where you tackle someone successfully, then they just can't get to the ball quick enough, and the same player you've tackled re-gains composure and gets the ball back.

    Happens a lot, but notice it happening more often with Rio.
  • Tietherope
    10063 posts Has That Special Something
    Keane as well. I need an icon in that spot though and EA refuse to release Vieira.
  • Shaqiri
    1393 posts Professional
    Milinko Savic RTTF, he’s so clumsy.
  • Nen
    4543 posts Moderator

    Glorious to use, but who knows where he is going to pop up.

    Through ball, RW. Oh its Marcelo.

    They are countering, who is at LB. anyone but Marcelo.

  • Andybelfast
    10973 posts Has That Special Something
    Fs joe Gomez :|
  • SupaNoodle1990
    26471 posts Player of the Year
  • ORANGEeffect05
    23855 posts Club Captain
    Tevez, though he just moved into a super sub role
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