VDS worth doing?

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I can sell my UCL live ddg and do vds sbc. But I looked through comments on futbin people saying there 355 goals in 25 games, beast)))
Some saying that his middle version is the best.
Im just tired of waiting for really nice icon sbc


  • Peewee916
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    No go buy prime Yashin. Had him & ToTY De Gea & Prime Yashin is noticeably better.
  • kayron16
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    edited January 31
    Worth doing if you need to link in Dutch cbs. Also best icon keeper due to height. Noticeably better than the normal keepers? No
  • iRusty_yo
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    I’m doing it, done all but the 85 rated squad. During fut champions cup one of the PS4 competitors was absolutely bossing it with prime VDS.

    I had the base VDS last year and I enjoyed him then, got VVD now and he’s needed for chem
  • BiigDee
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    Tempted by him myself but DDG has most better stats but he’s awful for me. He would give VVD full chem for me though and that’s swaying me
  • Tommygunn
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    I’m doing him as a stop gap for when a prime icon like ruud comes and he can go into that with baresi and Nakata. Think it could even be 4 icons this year
  • Rucci
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    had him in 18 did him in 19 best goalie for me
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