FIFA19 Is STILL Severely Broken.

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The game is still awful.

Plenty of bugs still exist.

2 shooting bugs. Skill move latency.

Horribly assisted AI in defense. AI mirroring opposing player movement. Auto blocks galore.

Terrible manual tackling.

Bad player switching.

Inconsistent finishing in the box.

I'm so glad the only game mode I play now is Pro Clubs as this FIFA is a disgrace in terms of competitive, the skill-gap is the lowest it's ever been.


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    I was wrong, you’re right.
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    UoD wrote: »
    I was wrong, you’re right.

    To be fair FIFA18 was a bad game also but I played it a ton more.

    Good thing with FIFA18 was 1v1 finishing was much more consistent in 1v1 situations, I feel in FIFA19 you can literally lose to anyone.

    IMO FIFA16 was the last skill-based FIFA.. You had more manual defending & less auto blocks bailing out the so called "Noobs".

    E.A are continuing to cater towards the newbies.. It's as if they want the lowest skillgap possible.

    I'm actually in disbelief at how bad FIFA19 is lol. :#
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