Why am I keep losing?

After I enter Div 1,things began to fall apart.Anyone can beat me,can score in any ways,their passes were like missile with GPS while my passes being intercepted here and there.Just now I lost 0-2 when I hit frame 2-3 times.I am now delegated to div 4 and things seems no sign of stop.I just can't win.even score is hard for me now.


  • I sometimes have spells where I can't score or just play poorly. How do I get out of them? take a break and change things up. It doesn't help when the game is screwed up as it is.
  • DarkMac
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    Nothing to do... it is the way EA know how to cheat. Or better explained, this is the algorithm they found to let kids win also. It will never change whatever you do. You win 6-7 games then you will lose 12 in a row.
  • I understand you definitely. That situation happens to me also. I found a solution. When i start to loss series with same team, i change my team. With a different team, i catch win series again. So you should have a few team options, when falling down on the job, you change your team between those teams.
  • JRM1984
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    Sorry to hear you "am keep loosing"...
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