What sort of team should you have this far in?

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So I’ve noticed recently that some players that are being released people are dismissing immediately due to them not being useable this far along. Can people give me an indication of what sort of team you should have this far along?


  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    It depends on how YOU play this game, how much time you spend on it, it's maybe even how much money you've spent on it.

    It's all relative, but to yourself. If you compare yourself to others. Then you may actually feel disheartened in a way. Or the opposite. So it depends really. I'm a casual player myself with the odd flutter of FP. I have 3 icons. Keane. Nakata and shevchenko. My teams mostly untradeable tho. Including bench and reserves and club really. Think I own 2 players that are tradeable (550k combined) and that's it.
  • D0lvl
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    There's no point in trying to field squads like the pros if you don't play competitively. All those god squads won't help you in online gameplay when the gameplay is poor in general i.e. sluggish, delays, toxic community.

    This is my first year in Ultimate and used to want to have a squad like the pros but slowly realized all this doesn't matter in online gameplay. I also noticed I was winning more games with my Bundesliga squad compared to my higher rated EPL team early on. Those squads had a difference in the millions.

    Anyway, I enjoy Fifa more when I can participate in promos and SBCs. I like having a variety of 'non meta' players and trying out various players instead of being locked down to a few seems to work out better for me.

    Unless you spend thousands on FP, you will never get close to fielding a squad full of TOTY's and icons like the pros.
  • Duncan1972
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    Well my squad after 2 months and no fifa points mine is:



    De Bruyne/Dacoure


    Was saving for Icon Lineker but splashed out on De Bruyne until I can afford Lineker in April or something lol.

    Couple of Meta players in there to compliment my Spurs side but enjoy playing with the team I support.

  • dabeags
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    I’ve spent maybe 300 on Fifa Points, played a few WLs to Gold3 and generally play just enough to get rank 2/3 rewards in D5. I also do a lot of east trading via the web app which is where a bulk of my coins comes from. Team below, also have a fair amount of useable untradeables on the bench like POTM Lucas and Futmas Matuidi.
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