Future Stars cards ...

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Are they worth it, on some cards stats are looking great, if not amazing, but it doesn't always translate to pitch in FIFA, imo, so, for people that tried them, how are they holding their own on the pitch.

I'm looking at Guendouzi, really like the way he's set, in theory, so I'm wondering how's he on the pitch, thinking between him and Kondogbia for a cdm role, alongside Kante, I was definitely set on Kondogbia, but I wanted to check if I have some other options and Guendouzi popped out, now I kind of want to try him, idk, both would have max chemistry, so no problem there.

So, any comparison there, I guess Kondogbia is better defensively, but Guendouzi can, maybe, offer more in build up play, I guess he's more of a CM then CDM, also is his height the problem (it shouldn't be, but..), specially since Kante is staying as a CDM pair, idk, now that I'm writing this I realize that maybe I should scrap Kante and go for both Guendouzi and Kondogbia, lol.
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