Blackburn Rovers-Season 3: February and March tables



  • WestardLord
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    Sad to see Barco couldn't be signed.

    Not exactly a time to panic right now, but I must agree that 50 goals conceded seems like it's going to spell doom for the team towards the end of the season.
  • Wyojasond
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    Fast Forward to the end of March and Blackburn has solidified itself mid table somehow with a defense that allows over 2 goals a game. Juanma Lillo has resigned himself to the fact that he has to out run teams to win and has thrown all of his game plans into his attack. With an owner that has grown increasingly frustrated, will Lillo last past this summer?

  • DB1512
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    I think we can say Lillo avoided regulation, which is a massive achievement in the first season. If Lillo stays, improve defensive stability should be his main concern.
  • LAboog4
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    Lillo has to stay, who would have predicted this team to be "safe" with 8 games to go? Great achievement. If the owner invests in inproving the defense and keeping the attackers, this team could be top 8 next year.
  • subpop
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    I believe that the results of Lillo in the first Premier League campaign are quite good. The team was always far from the relegation zone and has built for the future. I don't know if there's any good reason to fire him now... but the results aren't a good reason.
  • JoshDFC
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    I wouldn't be frustrated at Lillo nothing better then attacking football and thats what he is guarenteeing
  • Ashy
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    Mid-table is a strong return for Blackburn's first season back in the Prem, the title race could go all the way with 5 teams. I don't rate Fischer at all but he could change my mind with a fresh start with Blackburn
  • ElMarcos
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    No team has scored more goals, but neither did any team conceive as many goals either. I’d stick with Lillo and just see where you get after signing a couple of defenders over the summer.
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