Best Chem style for prime rijkaard

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Hi guys, what chem style you recommend for this card?

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  • Springveldt
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    I'd try an engine first to boost his balance and reactions. If he still feels too clunky then just accept that and put an anchor on him and use as a proper CDM. His passing is good enough to break up play then just play simple passes.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    I use shadow, for speed, since it seems like most of the time I get scored on, it's from the lack of speed on my defense side. Just use what ever chem supports when you feel you need. If you mess up passes close to opponent goal, then do what the above player mentioned and try engine. If you end up giving up a lot of goals, is it because your players are too slow? Aren't physical enough? etc.

    I had Anchor on mine to begin, but went with shadow because I wanted him to be fast, along with the rest of my team.
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