SB getting stupid

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Literally the CPU has no build up play when it wants to score.

2 passes and then boom, 40 yard rocket into top corner.

If this isn't blatant cheating from the AI i don't know what it is. Give me what the AI can do, and i'm the best player on fifa :D


  • BeastlyHusla
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    This years SB is stupid. AI can do 1-2 passes so easily even on World Class its pathetic. It's the reason why I only go for Gold 2 by on playing few games on legendary.
  • Pnub
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    Yesterday i was 0-1 down on legendary header on goal hits the post bounces down behind the player on the post back up through his leg onto his thigh for the clearance rather than bounching off his foot and into the goal. Needless to say that was the last i played of that particular game.
    When the cpu wants to win it wins and you just have to accept that and try not to throw your controller
  • BiigDee
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    Been playing it the last week or so and the amount of times I hit the wwodwork is unreal, pair that up with getting in on goal and you just tap shoot to roll it in and it will bounce off the bar or into row z. It’s obviously put into the gameplay as it happens online to
  • Pay2Lose
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    Currently elite 2 can’t be bothered to play anymore. Sometimes the ai plays like its on crack. I’ve not lost yet. But it’s just tedious, don’t think it’s worth chasing elite 1.
  • Longbow
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    I enjoyed last FIFA’s SB. I see that as a mode without pressure, try new formations and skill moves.

    This year’s SB is such a pain. The AI PTB from min 1 and as mentioned in above post, ‘2 passes and then boom’.
  • Andyh60
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    do most on beginner now whilst doing other things around house etc at the same time.
    Just a bonus in also completing some daily/weekly objectives and yes 10000+ coins and few packs on a Monday morning.
  • TheFreshOne3
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    Played 3 games this week. Been enjoying SB a less and less every week
  • Aitvaras
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    You can tell people are done with Squad Battles BS just by looking at weekly score needed for E1/E3. Last year it was over 80k/50k at this stage of game, and the reward packs were worse. This year it's 50k/25k (PS4).
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