Toty kante

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Reviews? Players that are his eqliviant at the same price


  • Grub
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  • Antiseen
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    No one. Tried vieira 88, and he’s complete trash compared to toty kante
  • TheArchitect
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    He is a marathon runner. even his NIF everyone running around with him on every position in game. no joke.
    but dont have him playe against him at every game. but thats also an easy way to lure him out of his defending position
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    He’s amazing. Great at defense as you would expect and will actually jump and win a good amount of headers.

    On ball he is pretty unique. He turns and accelerates very quickly. Because of his high strength, balance and agility he is extremely hard to knock off the ball. It’s funny seeing people panic and rage slide tackle him after he consistently runs through their midfield. His shooting also a major upgrade.

    He has played like a better version of Prime lothar for me.
  • Grub
    470 posts An Exciting Prospect
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