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Phantom Penalties

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edited January 2019
So I'm not saying this of the back of a loss, actually currently 9-0 in WL but today I've conceded 3 penalties without actually pressing tackle or committing a foul myself, as with what seems to be 80-90% of the pens I concede. Highly frustrating and can cost you games. I call them Phantom Penalties 😂

I saved two of the pens and won all the games but that's not the point I find it very frustrating and often unfair when you concede pens through no fault of your own. 2 of them I wasn't controlling the player who conceded the foul and the 3rd I was but I ran towards his player and without pressing anything and his player goes down and its a pen.

Whats your guys opinions on this?

If your the attacker and your denied a goal obviously you want the pen but when your the defender its frustrating as hell. I lost a game in rivals last week because my opponent did a running fake shot into my defender without me pressing anything and the game gave him a pen 😂


  • Moy
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    Keep getting loads of these, love the name Phantom Penalties too
  • BGAlum
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    Had a few of these that were close and not sure they would even be penalties...

    But yes, had one in Rivals this week in the 93rd minute. Lost after having come back to tie.

    It is the craziness that this game is.
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