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Tradable vs untradable cards

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edited January 2019
I can’t get on with tradable cards. I sell them for tax loss or just want to try something else all the time.

This will sound funny, but I get more of an ownership of my untradables and appreciate them way more than tradable cards.

Anyone else with a habit of blowing all coins on untradables and appreciating these cards far more?


  • o0OainavO0o
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    1000%, to keep the game interesting/challenging I only use untradeables. I always feel like they play better for whatever odd reason. Last year my untradeable luck was insane, this years luck has been terrible so a lot of the sbc’s has kept the game going for me.
  • RebelRob
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    Kind of, yeah.

    I rage did Raul shortly after him being released for no real reason at all, got lucky and packed kdb and Mbappe from the packs so did him for about 950k all in, and now I love him!

    Maybe it’s because he was a bargain I don’t know, but I didn’t expect to enjoy him so much. In fact, his first 5 games were a bit meh and he still scored 5 in them, but since he’s just been outstanding and couldn’t see me replacing him with anyone bar r9.

    And even them I’m possibly going to try and keep Raul and r9 in the same team, even if it means selling prime cruyff or toty kdb, both which I love as well. 1st world problems!
  • Ulook92
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    Majority of my team is untradeable and i love it. Key is not to do every single one, or else inevitably youre gonna regret doing some of them and try to only do high level ones you think will be an end game player for you.

    I regret soem of the ones iv done (Tevez, Coutinho, Isco). Silver lining is they are good SBC fodder. But i am over the moon with the team i have. Every player plays great and i dont think i will be changing much else tbh.
  • WFCBagnall
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    I've been fully untradeable for 3 years now.

    I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Sjaban
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    I like untradable but the down side is that if I pack a really good player i feel like i have to use him eventho i maybe want to change my team.

    This year my pack luck has been good and i have rttf Fabinho and Davinson untradable, same with NIF Ramos. Been using them for 500 matches now
  • xFATAL
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    I prefer mostly untradeable so I dont have to worry about when to buy/sell. Got tired of ending fut in past years with millions of coins that become worthless anyway.
    Also, I never understood why people save 3/4 of the year using cheap teams and finally build a team during tots to use just a few mo.
  • Paciga45
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    Every card should be tradeable
  • murazorr
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    I ll never complete a sbc for an untradeable card ever again. Learned my lesson last year.
  • Cantona84
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    murazorr wrote: »
    I ll never complete a sbc for an untradeable card ever again. Learned my lesson last year.

    Why not? Every card is worthless come July/August anyway.
  • murazorr
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    O change my teams way to often. If I have "expensive" untradeable cards I feel I HAVE to use them. I dont like being forced to use one or another
  • Milkybar
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    murazorr wrote: »
    I ll never complete a sbc for an untradeable card ever again. Learned my lesson last year.

    I said that. Last year i did rijkard, crespo, hernandes, ferdinand, all manu sbc's and after playing with them for so long it was getting boring use same players even tho they was really gd.

    Still done best, ibra, alves this year tho so alrdy got 3 players i will always use now

    Somtimes think it is a waste doing them tbh
  • DonovanFan
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    I have a lot of untradeable because I like the flashback cards and I always take it ntradesble packs from div rewards because the pack odds are way better. For example I packed Foden
  • Finesse_4days
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    Tradeable unless elite or great value cards like FB Zlatan, most SBCS are coin sinks but someone like Zlatan was worth doing or an elite Icon that is 100% going to better than Tots cards like Prime R9 or Eusebio if they are priced decently. I like to try different players, so to have all my coins in untradeables is a big no go for me.
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