Griezmann at CAM/CM

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Tempted to put him at CAM/CM under a french squad.

Would you suggest using him at CM/CAM and if so, which side? LCM or RCM?


  • NathanBFC94
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    I use mine at CAM and he's ace, wouldn't use him CM though
  • shandyandy
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    I had him as ST but find that high/high works rates means he’s not always up top as he comes back a lot.

    At CAM I think would work well but I prefer a H/M work rate so they stay forward. You may find that he works at cm due to his work rates thought.

  • Foxsake
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    He is great at cam I think better then striker
  • QK_CillitBang_04
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    until next week he is great at RCM
  • mhh1981
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    Really don’t like griezmann this year. The WR affect his positioning more so than ever. Striker who is too much behind the play. At CAM he disappears into MF and at CM he is too weak to compete.
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