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Verification Required Issue

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
Has anyone had an issue previously with the verification puzzle not showing?

I was just buying up a few players for a league SBC, got the usual message about checking I'm not a robot and but when I try to log back in it's asking me to verify by solving a puzzle but the puzzle doesn't appear.

Same thing is happening when I've tried to use the companion app.

Just looking to see if anyone might know a workaround?


  • Bbkyle
    51 posts Park Captain
    ive had the same thing all day, i bought about 5 rare silver players for the baresi SBC and it did the same.
  • oldboiler
    2368 posts Fans' Favourite
    Same here, I thought it was my offices Wi-fi blocking me :D
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    This feels like quite a big failure on EA's part.

    Does anyone with any experience of coding know how big an issue this should be to fix as I would have thought it shouldn't be that big of a deal to sort out but maybe I'm too ignorant to know.
  • Popov_98
    25 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Same issue here, was buying some players I intended to invest in... Shouldn't be that hard to fix I guess :s hoping for a little compensation :D
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