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Everything Om Fifa 19 Pro Clubs Is Doing Bad Right Now Defenders Back out when I striker Is coming to score. Why is every deflection Of The ball Goes inside Why not out side the net ? .Goalkeeper Dont win Headers On corners like they try to give a punch and they miss The Players Jump Higher than the goalkeepers Every time Your a goalkeeper If you hold the position Bottom It makes The diving Up when u press Down to dive And all headers Goalkeeper dont move stay in middle and dive to center when is in the bottom or top no matter where,Now Modfielders Mainly Cam position The rating drops so much If your holding position, cam position makes u drop to defend then push but every time your rating Drops allot, Now for strikers The Accuracy For Shots is terrible Like all shots go High And Would be if Balls Would Dip And Be Lower But Would be Great to keepers To save Shots to all Low Driver shots from 25 Yards They all Go in no matter what keepers dont reach To Them And 1 v 1 Is Horrible You Burly Tap B and it goes In to many Players Crashing To Each others and defending To many defense Mistakes Allot of Own goals, another thing Stats Dont Save on Pro Clubs When your on a team Now theirs a goalkeeper Pants and healmet Glitch so you could wear it as playing on the Field? PLEASE FIX THIS MAIN PROBLEMS we would love to see Pro clubs Get Fix Soon All Mostly This Stuff Happens In Ultimate Team To But mainly On Pro Clubs.Before this ends Ball Control been the main issue When the ball is on the air the player cant control it right and it let's it go And when your on the run The players does a skill move and it let's the ball go by its self This is all true.


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    I have been playing pro Clubs since around 2012/13 (maybe earlier) and I've played the full year from release to release pretty much every day or every couple of days for hours and hours on end.

    This year I have already stopped playing it as have all the guys who I used to play it with.

    What does that tell you?
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