Never to old to play FIFA

I’m 54 and I’m being playing FIFA since 1996 or 1997 in the PC. It creates a bond with my children, I have a 29 year old and we played every night until he went to college and with my 18 year old I played almost every night until this passed august when he left to college. The game have change over the years and my kids have gotten much better than I did but I still love the game and play almost everyday. Some times it frustrates the heck out of me but it takes the mind of all the daily problems. I love the game and I will keep playing it until my fingers still respond and act as quick as my mind.


  • Royalwhite
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    I am 53 and playing the game since 2008 😉
  • munchie63
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    I'm 55 and hitting rivals in Div 5
  • Russ38
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    Bit younger but i'm 39 and play regularly.

  • My Dad is 65, he still plays most days... says it keeps his mind occupied and its the only way he gets to watch West Ham win something.
  • rubberglovelove
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    46 . Here.I only play full manual though . How anyone can play assisted is beyond me.Especially if you mature.
  • 46 . Here.I only play full manual though . How anyone can play assisted is beyond me.Especially if you mature.

    I'm 38. Also play full manual with some slider tweaks. Makes the game much more challenging imo.
    Always wonder when i see folks complain about how ultimate difficulty is easy if they play full assist.
  • Pooter
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    I first played on pc, and thought it to be a nightmare, mainly because my pc wasn't really regarded as a gaming machine. So I quit playing the game......until I got myself a PS3.

    Was never good at the game, so gave sometime away from buying it again, until around 2014ish when I started playing FUT. Never understood the FUT concept at all, so played the odd game in FUT single season matches. My main game was career mode, that is until FIFA 19 came around. So far mainly enjoyed it, despite the bugs and the odd suspicions of people lagging the connection to try get an advantage
  • JRM1984
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    i'm 34, just a youngster clearly :D
  • I am 48 been playing 11 months and total rubbish at division rivals
  • I'm 47. Been playing since 93 on the mega drive
  • TheFaries_77
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    Im 42, used to play on PS1.
    I introduced my oldest to the game when he was 6 or 7.
    Then one night he said to me 'Dad have you heard of this new thing in fifa called ultimate team...…..we've been hooked ever since. Hes now 15 and he still cant beat the old man :D:D:D
  • Alexf17
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    I'm 57 and have been playing since fifa international soccer on mega drive way back but like most of you have said it takes your mind off everyday issues. I also enjoy playing it and play most days but it makes me laugh when some young person says your to old to be playing computer games.
  • Luchtaine
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    I'm 41 and like you guys I've been playing FIFA since the very first game. It's a great way to unwind after work and have a laugh with mates on pro clubs. I switched to full manual in 09 and have been managing a full manual pro club team since FIFA10 (Real Manual FC) on PS4. It must be one of the longest running Manual clubs on PS4 and we've won plenty of division 1 titles and cups in our time.

    Anyway, got my daughter into FIFA for a bit but she's switched to Minecraft these days. Hopefully my son will get the buzz once he's done with PJ Masks and Peppa Pig 😀.
  • I’m forty and been playing since early 2000s I still love fifa it may make me want to scream every once in a while which my son loves cus I get mad at him for yelling at cod but I get plenty of enjoyment from the game and hope I’m playing past my fifty’s as well never posted before but loved this thread thanks
  • glynnerm
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    unbelievable Jeff!!! i play every year and dont plan on quitting, Im very young compared to most of ye @34, but its for the love of the game
  • Earlybird15
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    I’m 55 and been playing since FIFA 07
  • Played since 95. That game intro has that "something special".
  • eladlad
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    Playing since the first one on the megadrive.
    Playing with manual controls, career mode most of the time, despite ea's lack of tlc to the mode.
  • Hashonthebeat
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    24. I can say that I officially started with 2003, but I had played 2002 and even 98 sporadically. Started on PC with 2003, a little bit of 2004, 2005 (which was huge for me), 2006, 2007 (which was also a big deal in my opinion), skipped 08, then switched over to PS2 and played 09, 10, and 11. Then I went back to PC and played 12 (this one was a game changer; things started to look and feel more realistic). Then tried 13, and it was a DISASTER! And then 14, which I liked a lot! Skipped 15 and 16. THEN came 17 with Frostbite and I will say it is probably my top favorite one. Then I played 18 (I feel like it was a step backwards graphics-wise, but gameplay was somewhat OK). And then finally 19, which I appreciate all the face scans and the new stadiums and UCL but gameplay SUCKS, I have to say). I really hope 20 will be a good one!
  • Steffolovitch
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    Love this thread. My wife sometimes says: "Are you not too old for this yet?" And I respond that I don't think I will ever be. I'm 34 and have played FIFA since 1995, I think, when the players didn't even have the real names. I remember the Danish Euro '92-hero, Kim Vilfort, being named Kim Volfort in that particular game.

    FIFA 98 road to world cup was probably the highlight of the early days, with EVERY single national team in the world to play with during a WC qualifier. Playing indoors was also a great feature that should really come back some day. They lost me in 2005 though, where I had a go with PES and something called This is Football, but from FIFA 07 and until this day I have owned every single FIFA-game published. And I play as often as I can get a break from wife and kids. Glad to see I am not a dinosaur after all :smiley:
  • ASX
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    40, playing since 2006.

    Was a PES/ISS player before that way back to 90's
  • Skboseph
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    Well tickle my balls and call me billy look at all the goats we got still playing 😂😂😂💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 GG
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