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Perfect Work rates

362 posts Sunday League Hero

Sometimes i saw people telling that some player isn't good cause his Work rates aren't appropriate.

But i don't know nothing about this...

So, i'm using a 4222 formation, which work rates i need to search to get a better performance of my players, for all positions?


  • Roc_Xel
    1063 posts Professional
    It does still depend (a bit) on the player. For instance for me the HL of Marcelo NIF is a big no, he s never where you need him to be, but its however fine with his toty. Coz he s too good and can come back with such speed.

    Strikers you want HM or HL. MM may be ok too. For CAMs in a 4222 you want HM ideally. HH does not suit me, for instance kdb as he will defend too much.

    Cdm i like them MH (ballack and kante) but if it is Gullit you can accept a HM (really prefer him at cam personally).
  • Layton8212
    1684 posts Play-Off Hero
    I play with Butragueno, his work rates are L/M and he bangs them in for fun
  • Kingkay
    1777 posts Fans' Favourite
    H/H for any midfielder

    L/H for defence

    H/M for forwards
  • BombSquadPuppy
    2183 posts Fans' Favourite
    It all depends on your play style
  • Empyrium7
    3375 posts National Call-Up
    It all depends on your play style

  • veltok
    362 posts Sunday League Hero
    It all depends on your play style

    i don't know how to explain it... but i think it's a possession style, i usually pass the ball to my Left/right cam or Left/right back try to open space in the middle to pass the ball or i pass back to my cdms... but always is something to find my STs in a position to score... sometimes crosses too
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