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I'm suggesting that it should be possible to add a feature in-game where you actually see (by all times during play) what strategies (team press/no team press, offensive/defensive/ etc) are being used by the captian of the Team. It's really difficult to know how to play well if you don't have info about these choices by the capitan. Also, I can't suggest during play that he/she switches to a pericular strategy during play if I dont know whats in use at the moment... It's not like the captain loudly tells us during play... He just do what he finds necessery but without telling anyone lese about it... I guess you get the idea of my suggestion here...

There's a similar problem in Pro-Club play when for example everyone (human players) is pressing the "call"-button, but the goalkeeper will just stand there knowing nothing about who to throw or kick the ball too, wich in turn is quit idiotic when trying to create a quick attack, etc... Also it prepares the oppostion for who to mark, etc... We usually lose the ball because of this stupidity of the game mechanics... It's when the computer player doesn't know what to do since everyone is pressing the "call"-button all the time... And it sort of freezes the computer fpr up to about 10 seconds, not knowing what to decide what to do with the ball, whom to pass, etc... Maybe you could have alook into the AI of the FIFA program and make it more intelligent? I would a lot more intelligent actually... The computer generally behaves very stupid in FIFA, unfortenately it basically ruins the game play unless you use "Any", thus can swiftly jump from player to player when playing Pro Club...

I have tons of other stuff EA Sports need to address, problems with this game... But the rest for later times! :)


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    I also think the cpu players are behind most of the wrong passes, they usually mess it up, gives the ball away to an opponent way to easy, makes blatant mistakes, takes too long before passing the ba!! to a human caling it so the opponent can easily stand in the way intercepting, and the list just goes on... When for example crossing the ball into the box it instead goes straight into the arms of the goal keeper. Its like the goolie didnt have to move an inch even... So to summarize it, the problem is mostly because how badly the computer controlled player plays. Bad passing, wrong choices, too slow reaction time,etc.Also like to add that they are also way too short, I mean even the dfenders are like short like messi. Whats wrong withat picture? Well they simply cant defend as well against incoming crosses... They fall too short (pun intended).
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