90 Rijkaard or 88 Desailly to play CB?

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In a 3-5-2

Start them at CDM then drop back into CB in game.

Desailly has more favourable work rates and physicals, but Rijkaard better passing and defending.

Anyone used either of these and can give an opinion?


  • Noviembre17
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    88 desailly is nearly same as his prime. Defensively he is a beast. I tried baby rijkard as cb and he was class too. Long legs makes great tackles, his speed didnt seem low despite stats. Prime one will be better for sure.

    But if we talk about price, workrates and defensive stats desailly is a better option.

  • greif44
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    As 352 user I `d definitely use Desailly. Your CB does not need to deliver pinpoint passes. Also if you put backbone on him, his passing will be really good for CB.
  • AdamH
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    I’m leaning towards Desailly, he’s cheaper too!
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