Stupid game mechanics

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Stop keeping my opponents in the game by making me hit the post 3 times per game. I even had a sequence where i hit the post 3 times consecutively, then a 1 on 1 where i hit the post again. All whilst i'm up 3-0.

If EA could make other shots more effective it'd be great, kinda dumb when you do a rocket of a shot and the GK somehow just reacts to that way better than a finesse shot that seems more like a pass.

Also, why the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ are my players missing headers on the far post when the ball is right there when i haven't pressed a damn button till the ball is actually next to his head, so my opponent can score.

Seriously, this game is stupid acts stupid as hell when you're smashing someone 3-0.


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