Talked to ea yesterday info below Fans need to be listend to changes need to be made

Reference chat number 46232357

I spoke about the following below for more clear info please relate to the reference chat number more than anything please as id rahther that be read before this but please read

Pro clubs competitive there are currently sites running like the vfl and vpg that have a league sytem to play and have bets placed as well eg 50 pound each team winner takes all and also part of that and real football clubs like qpr fleetwood have got involved as well so a weekend 11v11 needs to be created like vfl

Improving the game would be fantsatic as its been merely the same game as bo fans have been listend to and if they have nothings been done to improve the game as i can list 100s of improvements which should not be the case as the game should be brought out to ita full.potential every year and not be the same

What we would like in clubs

More customization from stadiums to kits pros to ais and more maybe microtransactions to get theese

Able to make substituations any point in game bringing players on and off

Training arena before matches to train with the team atual stats that represent the clubs uve been to so winning div1 titles for instance can be shown on a record as well as your record with other clubs eg 100 00 etc and your stats for each team etc

Be able to see kits of oppostion like fut to avoid kit clashes

Leaderboards based on skill.not games played

The cups should stay open


  • bucs0576
    2357 posts Fans' Favourite
    No profit, no change is ea's thought process.
  • Great ideas mate just never going to happen. Not sure what more evidence people need before they will stop thinking EA are listening to them.
  • OfficialPayton
    417 posts Sunday League Hero
    The only way EA will add these thing if they have a purchase option on pro clubs for instance, purchase boot with real money, purchase (rare) haircuts that ain’t in the game, tattoo’s also purchase a pack like ultimate for our pro clubs ai’s
  • RobRokk
    57 posts Park Captain
    Hate when we have red kit and they have a pink kit, can barely see whos who on the field when passing, etc.
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